Ethereum Referral Programs

Affiliate programs are a good opportunity to earn Ethereum and other crypto­currencies with your website or blog. There are several sites like crypto exchanges that provide a profitable way to promote their services. That works best if you run a cryptocurrency or Ethereum-related website.

For Bitcoin-related sites we recommend this list of Bitcoin affiliate programs.

The following list contains advertising links. For further information you can visit our affiliate disclosure.

Site Description Commission Rate
Paxful On Paxful you can buy Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies directly from other users. Over 350 different payment methods are supported. The affiliate program offers an attractive fee share of 50%. Earn 50% of your referrals' escrow fee and another 10% from people they invite.
CEX.IO Trusted crypto­currency exchange for real time Ethereum trading. Get a lifetime reward of 30% on all the transaction fees your referrals pay.
SimpleFX Ethereum and Forex real-time trading platform that provides a great affiliate program. Up to 25% of the trading fees.
Coinbase US based Bitcoin and Ethereum purchase platform. 10 USD for every referral that buys 100 USD worth of Ether.
Exmo Exchange service that provides real time Ether trading. 25% lifetime commission on your referral's fees.
Coinmama Reliable website for buying Ethereum with Visa. Get 15% of your referral's trading fees.
ALFAcashier Currency exchange site that supports Ethereum and various other currencies. Earn up to 20% commission on every exchange made by your referrals.

SimpleFX Affiliate Program

The trading site SimpleFX is an established exchange platform for CFDs, Forex, indices, commodities and also cryptocurrencies. SimpleFX features a rewarding lifetime multi-level referral program.

SimpleFX Ethereum Trading
This image shows the Ethereum trading section on SimpleFX.

SimpleFX Affiliate Menu After you created an account, you will find the affiliate section when you click on your user name in the top menu and select "Affiliates". You will see the affiliate overview page. Click the left button for all related information and the right button for the affiliate panel where you can examine the customers that you have referred to the site.

SimpleFX Affiliate Overview

The earnings are up to 25% of the trading fees which are paid by your direct referrals and an additional 5% of the fees paid by the customers that are recruited by your referrals. It's a lifetime program that is not limited in time. You neither need to deposit funds nor identity verification to participate in the Ethereum affiliate program. There are various marketing tools and banners that you can use to promote the site.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

The referral program offered by Coinbase is very different from the SimpleFX program described above. There is only one referral level and the affiliate reward is a one-time payment for each referral who qualifies.

Coinbase Affiliate Select In the affiliate section of the site you will find your referral link and all related details. Coinbase pays 10 USD for every referral that buys or sells at least 100 USD of Ethereum or other digital currencies.

Coinbase Affiliate Overview