About Exadex

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Exadex is a small association of blockchain supporters founded in the year 2017 aiming at improving the accessibility of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We meet regularly to discuss the current status of possible crypto-based applications. We do not see Bitcoin or other cryptos as an investment opportunity and we do not recommend to put your hard-earned money in this. We just use and love the underlying technology.

Who owns this website?

The exadex.org website was founded by Nicolai Jaeger in early 2017 to provide a source of information about cryptocurrencies and the associated exchanges. Nicolai is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with an economic background. He is convinced that Bitcoin and other cryptos will not only be the future of payment processing but also can change many aspects of this world. We invite you to visit the Exadex Twitter page. You can also write an email to admin@exadex.org.