Buy BitShares (BTS)


The easiest way to buy BitShares is to use directly the BitShares network via OpenLedger or the BitShares Wallet. You can deposit one of several cryptocurrencies or fiat money using bank transfer. If you are looking for another payment option, you can use one of the other exchanges in the table below.

Site Description Payment Methods
OpenLedger BitShares based decentralized exchange (DEX) providing a gateway for fiat money and digital currencies. Bank Transfer, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and some other coins.
BitShares Wallet Buy BitShares using the reliable BitShares Wallet. Various Cryptocurrencies.
Bittrex Secure exchange site for buying BitShares. Bitcoin

Buy BitShares with PayPal

At the moment there is no cryptocurrency exchange that provides buying BitShares via PayPal. But you have the option to buy Bitcoins with PayPal using Local Bitcoins and exchange those Bitcoins for BitShares using the BitShares Wallet.

Buy BitShares with Credit Card

Unfortunately the same applies to buying BitShares with credit card. You can buy Bitcoins with credit card on the the Bitcoin exchange CEX.IO and use one of the sites above to exchange your Bitcoins for BitShares.