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Site Description Payment Methods
ALFAcashier Instant exchange for NEM and other cryptocurrencies. Perfect Money, MoneyPolo, AstroPay, Bitcoin, Altcoins and more.
Bittrex Cryptocurrency exchange site where you can buy NEM. Bitcoin and Altcoins.
Poloniex Reliable real-time Bitcoin and NEM exchange. Bitcoin

Buy NEM with Credit Card

Unfortunately there is no exchange, where you can buy NEM instantly via credit card. But you can buy Bitcoins via credit card first and exchange those Bitcoins for NEM afterwards.

For example there is the real-time exchange CEX.IO, that you can use to buy Bitcoins with credit card. Now you can deposit your Bitcoins to a NEM exchange site like ALFAcashier and exchange it for NEM.

Buy NEM with PayPal

The same applies to buying NEM via PayPal. You will need to buy Bitcoins with PayPal on the peer-to-peer exchange Paxful and use one of the sites in the list above to exchange the Bitcoins for NEM.

Buy NEM with Bitcoin

There are several good options for buying NEM with Bitcoins. You can either check out the list above or just use the Poloniex virtual currency exchange.