Buy Online Gift Cards with Bitcoin

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Site Description Gift Cards
Bitrefill Buy Amazon vouchers and other gift cards with Bitcoin quickly and easily. Amazon (all countries), Google Play Store, Apple App Store and iTunes, Xbox, Playstation and many more.
Gyft Unfortunately the site is currently only available for customers from the United States. Google Play, Apple App Store and iTunes.
eGifter Use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for vouchers and online gift cards., Google Play and Apple App Store.
Bidali Large selection of cryptocurrencies but only a relatively small selection of gift cards., Google Play, Apple App Store and iTunes, Xbox Live.

Online gift cards offer various advantages and are therefore very common nowadays. Particularly popular are gift cards for App Stores (especially Google Play and Apple), online shops (especially Amazon), game gift cards (e.g. Steam, Xbox, Playstation) and phone refill gift cards. In addition to the common use as a Christmas or birthday present, online gift cards have even more advantages. If, for example, the desired payment method (here Bitcoin) is not offered by the respective shop, you can still pay with Bitcoin using gift cards.

How to buy Amazon Gift Card with Bitcoin

The Amazon gift card is very popular due to the size and popularity of the Amazon shop. However, it is very important to distinguish between the individual country-specific Amazon shops. A gift card for (American Amazon store) is only valid for and not for (British Amazon store) and other Amazon stores. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to select the right gift card when ordering. Below we offer a short step-by-step guide on how to buy Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin.

  1. Sign up on Bitrefill.

    Bitrefill Logo

  2. In the menu on the left, select the country for which you want the gift cards to be valid. This is very important because there are different Amazon vouchers for different countries.

    Bitrefill Select Country

  3. Now pick the Amazon voucher you want. Check again if this is the right Amazon shop. For example, online gift cards for are not valid for

    Bitrefill Logo

  4. Now enter the desired amount of the Amazon voucher and click on the "Add 1 to card" button.

    Bitrefill amount to buy

  5. When you have placed all the gift cards you want in your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon at the top right and then on "Checkout".

    Bitrefill Checkout

  6. Now choose the desired payment method (here Bitcoin).

    Bitrefill Payment Method

  7. In the last step, the respective amount must be sent in Bitcoin.

    Bitrefill Bitcoin Payment

  8. The voucher code will be displayed immediately after confirmation of the payment and will also be sent by e-mail.

The purchased gift card can be given away or credited to your Amazon account. Since Amazon does not offer a direct option to pay with Bitcoin, you can shop at Amazon with Bitcoin in this way. Alternatively you can also pay Amazon articles with Bitcoin on Purse. This requires a few days waiting time, but is combined with a discount and therefore cheaper.
UPDATE (April 17, 2020): Unfortunately Purse is discontinuing its services.

How to buy Google Play Gift Card with Bitcoin

The Google Play Store is a central part of every Android mobile phone. Google Play credit can be used to purchase Android apps and to pay for features within those apps. The Google Play account can also be charged with Bitcoin via voucher code. This can be done, for example, on Bitrefill. Just follow the step-by-step instructions above and choose Google Play instead of Amazon. Google Play gift cards also require that you first select the country where you want to redeem the code.

How to buy Apple App Store and iTunes Gift Card with Bitcoin

The Apple App Store is similarly important as the Google Play Store. It is a key component of every Apple mobile phone and can be used to buy apps and also for in-app purchases. You can also use Apple credit to buy the latest top music online via iTunes. Apple App Store gift cards are also issued on a country-specific basis. It is therefore important to specify the correct country when making a purchase. The above instructions can also be used to purchase Apple App Store and iTunes gift cards with Bitcoin. Simply replace Amazon with Apple App Store.

How to buy Steam, Xbox and Playstation Gift Card with Bitcoin

In the gaming sector, gift cards have become very popular. The credit on the respective gaming platform can easily be topped up with a voucher code. This works with consoles from Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Playstation) and Nintendo as well as with the video game distribution service Steam. With the gift cards you can not only buy new games, you can also purchase various things within games. Just choose a page from the list above. The instructions for purchasing Amazon vouchers with Bitcoin can also be used for Steam, Xbox and Playstation vouchers.

Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is an independent cryptocurrency that was created by splitting off from the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin Cash is characterized above all by fast transaction speed and low transaction fees. Buying gift cards therefore usually costs less than with the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The website eGifter supports Bitcoin as well as the payment in Bitcoin Cash.

Buy Gift Cards with other Cryptocurrencies

Buy Gift Cards with Litecoin

Litecoin is an alternative crypto currency that has been available since 2011. Litecoin works very similar to Bitcoin, but transaction fees are much lower. This makes the cryptocurrency particularly interesting for smaller transactions, including the purchase of online gift cards. Bitrefill supports Litecoin payments. Just follow the instructions above to purchase Amazon vouchers and choose Litecoin instead of Bitcoin at the end. Otherwise everything works exactly the same.

Buy Gift Cards with Ethereum

Ethereum on the other hand is designed as a network for decentralized applications and no as an internet currency. However, the size of the Ethereum community makes the cryptocurrency Ether also interesting as a payment option. Also for the payment with Ethereum you can simply follow the instructions above and choose Ethereum as your payment method at the end.