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Site Description Payment Methods
Coinswitch Very good site to buy Zcash instantly with your Visa credit card. Credit Card
Bitfinex This is a Zcash and cryptocurrency exchange website. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more.
Kraken Cryptocurrency trading platform that provides buying and selling Zcash. Bank Wire Deposit

Buy Zcash via Credit Card

At this moment there is no possibility to buy Zcash directly via credit card payment. If you want to use a credit card anyway, you can buy Bitcoins via credit card first on CEX.IO and exchange those Bitcoins for Zcash on one of the exchanges in the list above. Note that trading on CEX.IO requires a complete account verification.

UPDATE (August 21, 2019): Now CEX.IO supports direct purchase of Zcash via credit card.
UPDATE (March 9, 2020): On CEX.IO you can unfortunately no longer buy Zcash with a credit card. But this is now possible on Coinswitch.

Buy Zcash via PayPal

Unfortunately, at the moment the same applies to PayPal payments. If you still want to use PayPal, you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal and exchange it to Zcash on one of the exchanges in the list above.

Buy Zcash via Bitcoin

Every exchange in the list above allows exchanging Bitcoin for Zcash instantly. Deposit Bitcoin first, exchange it on the real time market and finally withdraw your Zcash. Here is a short instruction on how to use the Cryptopia platform.

  1. After you signed up for a Cryptopia account, you need to click the deposit link as shown in the picture.

    Cryptopia Deposit Menu

  2. Next, choose a digital currency that you want to deposit.

    Cryptopia Deposit Select Currency

  3. Enter and select Bitcoin (BTC) if you want to deposit Bitcoin.

    Cryptopia Deposit Select Currency Bitcoin

  4. The message "creating address..." will appear on your screen. Now you can deposit Bitcoins to the wallet address displayed.

    Cryptopia Deposit Creating Address

    Cryptopia Deposit Bitcoin

  5. To find the Zcash market, enter "Zcash" into the search box on the left side and click ZEC.

    Cryptopia Find Zcash

  6. The trading chart shows the Zcash price in Bitcoins of the last processed trades. In the box located under the chart you can enter the required Zcash amount and price.

    Cryptopia Zcash BTC Market

  7. To withdraw your Zcash from your account, select the "Withdraw" link in the top menu.

    Cryptopia Withdraw Menu

  8. Choose the digital currency you want to withdraw by using the search box.

    Cryptopia Withdraw Select Currency

    Cryptopia Withdraw Select Currency Zcash

  9. Enter the amount of Zcash you want to withdraw, copy and paste your Zcash wallet address and click the next button.

    Cryptopia Withdraw Zcash

About Zcash

Zcash (ZEC) is an open-source cryptocurrency that aims at providing cryptographic privacy protection. In contrast to Bitcoin, all transactions and the associated information like value, sender and recipient are hidden on the blockchain. The circulating supply is almost 4 million, the total maximum supply is 21 million just like Bitcoin.