Traffic Exchanges

Site Description Timer Ratio
EasyHits4U One of the best manual traffic exchanges, online since 2003. There is a large number of active members. 20 1:1
HitSafari Join the safari, promote your website and win nice cash jackpots. 6 2:1
TrafficG There is also a start page and banner exchange. Your sites will be listed in the TrafficG directory. 12 1:1
HitLink You can decide between a 15 seconds timer and 1:1 surf ratio or a six seconds timer and a surf ratio of 2:1. 15 1:1
TrafficSwirl This is a great site and community. You can buy several upgrades and other stuff with tokens from the marketplace. 8 10:4
Sweeva This traffic exchange features a new concept, where every user is surfing the same site at the same time. 30 1:1
Bitcoin Blizzard Earn cash while promoting your site. You can win cash prizes, earn commissions and withdraw using Bitcoin or PayPal. 6 2:1
You2Surf You will also earn banner and text impressions while surfing. There are many great games to play and there are nice bonuses for active users. 8 3:1
TopHits4U Very good traffic exchange with nice surf rewards, cash jackpots and free account upgrades. 5 3:1
Hits4Surfers Besides traffic exchange there is a weekly cash jackpot, banner and text ads. 8 2:1
StartXchange Very good traffic exchange with an active community and a short surf timer. 2 2:1
ILoveHits Fast surfing with only one second per page. Get great bonuses while surfing. 1 4:1
MembersRule This site provides a manual traffic exchange. You can also earn cash by clicking banners. 12 10:4
Traffic-Splash Traffic exchange with banner and text link option. Good surf rewards and cash earnings. 5 3:1